Update On My New website

Dear Reader,

An update on my new website URL is needed because you are being sentMy new website can be found by clicking the following link:



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An Update On My New website URL

Dear Reader,

An update on my new website URL Is needed because some outdated links are leading you here, and I’ve moved.

The new website URL is at Blue Feather Quill (<— please click on the link to visit new website.)

I have managed to transfer all the posts, comments, and links from this website over to my new one, so anything that previously caught your interest on here will still be available for you, and any friends you wish to direct toward my ramblings. Please feel free to pass the new website URL far and wide.

The new Blue Feather Quill site still needs some peripheral work – part of which will be to allow you to post comments – and, in the near future, I hope to offer a free gift to each visitor.

Wishes and vibes, dear Reader. See you on the other site.😉

Blue Feather Quill

Blue Feather Quill

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Another Kindle Publication

Dear Reader,

Below is the link to my latest kindle publication. It’s a poem, and I think this is the first of my nine publications where you can actually read part of the main content.

Whether you’ll be content with the content is a matter for your own delectation. My endeavour has been,  as always,  to entertain. I place myself at your mercy.

Wishes and vibes,  Dear reader,


I stink — therefore I am.🙂

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My Latest kindle Publication

Dear Reader,
I’m pleased to announce my latest short story for children and YA is available on Amazon kindle. It’s a fantasy tale about a young boy chosen to save humanity from destruction by a formidable opponent and her army.
Wherever you live in the world, the following link will take you to your appropriate Amazon site:
Ricky Shaw and The Insect Queen

I stink — therefore I am.🙂

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Zemanta Test

Sorry, dear Reader, another test for Zemanta.😉

(A possible cover and title for my next Amazon kindle publication.)

Wishes and vibes.😉

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A Trial Post via Scribefire and Zemanta

Dear Reader,

I’m in favour of anything that makes life easier.This is an experimental post to see if the two browser add-ons mentioned in the post title will actually work with wordpress dot com.

I used them a few years ago, and have just rediscovered them. However, the internet has moved on apace since then, so please stand well back from your screen in case something goes drastically wrong. I’m wearing safety goggles and shin pads to protect myself, but if you hear nothing more from me, you’ll know my precautionary preparations have been to no avail.

Wishes and vibes, dear Reader.😉


Update: Scribefire worked fine, and only singed my shin pads, but Zemanta hasn’t activated, so it’s back to the furrowed brow tomorrow, dear Reader.😉


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57th Wedding Anniversary

I’m proud to say that my wife and I celebrated our 57th wedding anniversary today. We count our blessings every day.

jan n john in 225 desborough road garden_1

She hasn’t aged a bit.

Wishes and vibes, dear Reader. Winking smile

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Excellent Website for Writers

I’ve praised the Writers’ Village website many times in recent years because it’s where I learnt to improve most of my writing ability amongst fellow writers from around the world, and formed friendships with some wonderful people.

There is a membership fee, ranging from a 3 month trial to a Lifetime level. It offers fantastic value, and I’ve never found a writing site to equal the range of courses available. The majority are free to members—however, they do run occasional fee-based courses, mentored by experienced tutors, some of whom are published writers.

The site is too vast for me to encapsulate it in this short post. I can promise there is something there for writers at all levels of the craft and for all genres.

The founder is Bob Hembree, an amazing man, who constantly strives to add more facilities for everyone. I urge you to read his articles posted under the ‘News’ button on the home menu.

Do yourself a favour, dear Reader, and check it out.


Wishes and vibes, dear Reader. Winking smile


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Herb Aceous and Shrub story on Kindle

Below is a link to one of my recent publications on Amazon dot co dot uk kindle.

Titled Herb Aceous and Shrub, it’s a romantic fairy tale about an old man struggling to maintain a garden against diminishing resources which could lead to destruction and death.

Honest reviews invited.


Wishes and vibes, dear Reader. Winking smile

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Flights of Fancy story on Kindle

Below is the link to one of my recent publications on Amazon dot co dot uk kindle.

It’s a short magical realism story, titled Flights of Fancy, written with a touch of humour.


Honest reviews invited.

Wishes and vibes, dear Reader. Winking smile

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